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Sodium silicate hydrated powder


  • Form: white fine crystalline powder without visible inclusions, that is a dry liquid glass in powder form and has the following physic- chemical parameters:
  • Silicate module from 1,8 to 3,4 up to a customers order;
  • Mass fraction of R2O3 oxides no more than 0,2%;
  • Mass fraction of general alkalinity in terms of Na2O, no less than 15%l;
  • Mass fraction of Silicon dioxide SiO2 no less than 51,0%;
  • Mass fraction of general humidity no more than 20%

Dissolution rate:

  • Dissolves in water at proportion 1:2 (for 1 kg of dry powder dissolution 2 L of water at t =20 C is taken) in 10-15 min at constant stirring.
  • The needed density of the liquid glass is adjusted by the powder concentration.

    The product is packed in polypropylene sacks of 25 kg and big-bags.

    As agreed with customer, other package variants are possible;

    Is easy to transport and store, does not require special containers, does not freeze, does not cake at long-time storage and does not lose its initial properties;

    Can be transported by any means of transport, that allows conducting logistic calculations for the promotion of the product on the internal and foreign markets.


    • For liquid glass production

    Is used:

    • In textile industry as bleaching means for fabrics and yarns.
    • In soap, fat, chemicals industry as a component for synthetic detergents and cleaners.
    • In paint and varnish industry for the sikicate paints for facades, anticorrosive and fireproof coatings production.
    • In the steel industry for the high-temperature adhesives for metal and casting forms production.
    • In ceramics industry.
    • For repair waterproofing works for oil and gas wells, for the combined silicate reagents of multifunctional action production, for drilling fluids preparation.
    • In construction industry for dry building mixtures, fire-and heatresistant composition, heat insulation materials.
    • In paper industry for paper bleaching and corrugated cardboard production.
    • In the oil industry is used for sediment generative compositions as oil recovery enhancing technology.