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Sodium liquid glass

GOST 13078-81


Form: thick liquid of yellow or gray (with tints of green) color

Silicate module: from 2,8 to 3,2

Density, g/sm3: from 1,4 to 1,47


Is used:

  • In textile industry as bleaching means for fabrics and yarns
  • In soap, fat, chemicals industry as a component.
  • In paper industry, including cardboard production, as a binding agent, for cardboard and paper splicing.
  • In machine-building industry, in ferrous metallurgy for welding materials production, in forms and cores production for casting productions as a binding agent.
  • In mineral resources concentration as a flotation reagent.
  • In putty, glue, steep production as a component.
  • In building industry: to improve water resistance of plaster concrete surfaces, to accelerate hardening (is added to concrete in the amount of up to 5%).