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Liquid potassium glass

828-87 (GOST 18958-73)


Form: thick liquid of light yellow, green (gray) tint.

Silicate module: 2,5-4,0

Density: g/sm3, no less than 1,3


Is used:

  • For silicate façade paint production
  • For silicate coating production
  • For fire resistant coating production
  • For anti-corrosion coating production
  • For protective-decorative coating production
  • For liquid metal protective coating production
  • For anti-burn coating protection
  • For injectable compositions for rocks and coating strengthening
  • For porous synthetic materials, fabric, wood, building products, impregnation compositions production
  • For briquetting (agglomeration) of ores, concentrates, sorbents, etc.
  • For welding electrodes production