JSC «Domanovsky Production and Trade Plant»

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Company products
  • metasilicate devyativodny
  • Sodium liquid glass
  • Potash waterglass
  • Sodium silicate hydrated powder
  • Powdered hydrated potassium silicate (water glass dry potash)
  • Sodium nonahydrate metasilicate
  • Silicate paint acrylic water-dispersion

«Domanovsky Production and Trade Plant»

Open Joint Stock Company "Domanovo Production and Trade Plant" is now the chemical industry and is part of the production and trading of municipal unitary enterprise "Brestmestprom." JSC "Domanovsky Production and Trade Plant" was created by order of the Brest Oblast Territorial State Property Fund from 28.11.2003, № 309.


The main range of products

  • Sodium silicate - liquid glass for the production;
  • Liquid glass soda - used in chemical, metallurgical, construction, textile and paper industries;
  • Potassium water glass - used for exterior and interior of buildings and facilities for the preparation of the silicate paint.
  • Silicate paint, paint savdo - designed for exterior and interior finish of buildings.
  • Silicate glue - intended for gluing paper and cardboard.
  • Whitewashing garden - is used in gardening to protect the trunks of wood from pests and burns.